Monday, November 2, 2009



I went with some girlfriends to "This is it" last week and now I can't get enough Michael! This is an amazing film, and I highly recommend it. If you liked Michael Jackson even a little, you will appreciate it. It's the raw footage of the rehearsals for the concerts he was going to do in Europe during the summer. It really is a shame he died before this performance, because it would have been spectacular!

I always liked his music, and I LOVED watching him dance all growing up, though I never got too into him. I thought he was strange, but I always admired how he embraced himself in spite of everyone's opinions. You see him in his working environment in the film and it was very insightful. He is so passionate and involved in every aspect of the show. The rehearsals are just like concerts for him, he dances the whole time. It's not like he doesn't know the dances after all these years!

I have been listening to him for the last week, and now the kids love listening to him in the car! Today Kayman was singing "Beat it" and "I'm Bad"!!! I showed the girls videos of him dancing online and accidentally brought up the scary "Thriller" where he turns into a werewolf, and I turned it off immediately thinking it would scare the kids. Syd was definitely scared, but Jess wanted to watch it. I explained that it is pretend and let her watch it, and she has watched it about 10 times! She isn't fazed by it at all...should I be concerned?! After the scary part is over, she asks me to start it over for her. Hmmm, shouldn't my 4 year old girl think that is scary?!

What an amazing artist and performer he was! I always wished I could sing and dance, so I really enjoy watching those who can. Seriously, go see it!

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