Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Another One Down.

Welp, I had surgery again.  This has been quite the year for the insurance company!  Ok, the last 2 years have been pretty full of doctors, but this year for me was a big one.

I started the year out with an umbilical hernia surgery, then I found skin cancer on my arm and had that removed.  A few other things here and there, and then I decided to hit up the ENT to see if there was anything he could do about the static/broken speaker/rattling sound in my left ear.  I'd already met my deductible, why not?

Dr. Meads, my ENT, found that I had chronic sinusitis which had been so severe for so long that the ear problems I have are secondary to the sinus problems.  He sent me to an Allergist to see if I had allergies as he suspected.  Meanwhile, I was to take antibiotics and steroid nasal spray for 3 weeks, then go back for a CT scan of my head.

Turned out I had sever allergies to everything they tested...grass/weeds/trees/animals/dusts, etc.  Basically, if it's alive, I'm allergic to it.  See?!

Right?  Yeah, this is my back on allergens...

I started the Cluster allergy shots right away, which consisted of 4 rounds of 3 hour long Dr. visits that contained 15 shots.  I did this within 2 weeks and my arms looked like I had been stung by hundreds of bees.  It was awful.  And itchy.  Now I just go back at least once a week for a while and will slowly taper down to once a month.
At least these days are over...

By the time I got back to the ENT and got the CT Scan, it turned up that I had major stuff going on in my sinuses.  Dr. Meads suggested surgery to clear out the entire right side of my face, correct the severely deviated septum to the left, and put tubes in my ears to release the negative pressure.
What on earth?!  I just went in to see why it was making the weird noises, and all this?

So anyway, I had the surgery last week.  My sinuses are still swollen and yucky, but supposedly I am going to feel fabulous in a few more weeks!  Wahoo!  Lucky for you, I don't have any nasty pictures of my sinuses, or me looking disgusting with a gauze mustache under my nose.  But I do have this:
Flowers, water, and drugs...ahhhhhh!

I was down and out for the first few days, but today was really hard to stay down.  I am not supposed to lift anything, bend over, or do anything strenuous for 2 weeks.  I have another 9 days of that.  I'm not a sit around kind of person, so this is hard for me!

All I wanted to do today was vacuum.  How weird is that?  But it's only cause I am forbidden to.
I have been so well taken care of, I'm so grateful for my fabulous family and friends!  My parents took the kids for the weekend, basically, and friends brought me food.  Andy stayed home a much as he could and took great care of me.
I stayed drugged up on the couch sleeping until today.  4 days of it, then today I wanted to vacuum.  And make more grape juice.

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