Sunday, November 17, 2013

It WILL taste amazing...

There are many things that I suck at.  Making a cake look pretty is one of them.  I am a fan of making most food from scratch.  I'm not a fan of boxed cake, but this is what happens when I experiment...

Luckily you can't see this photo too well because it was taken on my phone.  The photo quality is not great, neither is the appearance of the cake.  But, I assure you, it WILL taste amazing.  I know, I sampled some of the pieces that fell off as I removed it from the pan.  It is delicious.

I got the recipe here at Mel's Kitchen Cafe where most things I have tried turn out amazing.  It's a great recipe site.  This is what the cake is supposed to look like...

Maybe it looked almost as bad as mine and that's why she took a picture of a slice of cake.   Notice how the actual cake is blurry in the background?  Maybe it's just so moist  (horrible word) "not dry" that the cake literally falls apart before you can get it frosted.

Do you have a favorite chocolate cake recipe?

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