Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Color Me Rad ~2

My first race!  I have never loved running.  I had a quick stint (It's pretty much over now) where I loved it for a few weeks and I signed up for some races to make me keep running.  The first race I ever ran was:
Color Me Rad!
*For the record, this was not really a race.  There 
were so many people we couldn't run if we 
wanted to, and they didn't even time anyone.  
It was all just for fun, which I loved!
I convinced Andy to run with me, and I asked a few friends to join me too!  
Also, my mom and sister were kind enough to run with us!
 Just the girls!
 Most of the way through the race, we decided we needed a picture before we hit the crowd.  We were having so much fun!  I was so happy.  I was covered in PURPLE, how could I not be?!
My and my man! 
 With my mom and sis!
 I missed the good picture, but this is a bunch of the color being thrown in the air at the same time.  It was beautiful!
 Me and my girlies!

Posing with the runner statue on the UVU campus. 
 I love this picture of me and my sweet husband.  

The race was amazingly fun!  Thanks mom, Jaycie, Andy, Heather, and Tanisha for running (walking) it with me!  My next race is The Dirty Dash on June 2.  I haven't run more than a mile in weeks.  It is going to kill me, but I will be getting all muddy so I won't care.  :)  I can't wait!

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