Sunday, May 20, 2012

Color Me Rad ~1

I have some of the best girl friends in the world.  I have always had many, many friends, but most of them are so spread out and from different parts of my life that they don't know each other.  It's sort of bizarre, but it's just the way it's been my whole life.  I love my friends, and I keep them (those who will have me) for years and years.
These two amazing friends of mine are Tanisha and Heather.  Tanisha (left) was my roommate at Dixie from 1999-2001, and she is one of my favorite people to this day!  She has stuck with me through thick and thin, and helped me through all the ups and downs of my life, talks sense into me when I am being insane, and helps me see things for what they really are.  She is a true and forever friend who ALWAYS makes me laugh my guts out when I am with her!

Heather (right) has been a dear friend and one I have looked up to since 1994.  She is a strong and dedicated woman and mother.  She and I have been there for each other through very hard things as well, and we have been a good source of strength when we have both needed it.  We keep each other in check!

These two wonderful ladies have been dear to me for half of my life, yet they just met each other for this race.  It's odd to me, but that's the story of my friend life.  They both came out to my house for guessed it...a sleepover!!!  A real life girl sleepover!  With nail polish and candy and everything!  It was so much fun.  I haven't had a sleepover party for years.  :)  They came to spend the night so we could all ride together to UVU for the "Color Me Rad" 5K race!

Who better to run a super fun colorful race with than two of my best buddies?!

Well, I just HAD to have my best buddy of all there with me hubby buddy!  My MAN!

Aren't we just so tough?!  Haha!  :)
 Off to the races in the morning!!!  Pics to come...

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