Thursday, September 15, 2011

Back to School...

The girls started back to school! They love their Charter school and that they get to wear uniforms. We all love that. It makes getting dressed in the mornings a no brainer. The girls both got wonderful teachers and were so excited for their first day of school!
Even though it was a warm day, they insisted on wearing their boots and leg warmers. The were hot by the end of the day, but they sure looked cute.
We are grateful they are in the school they are. They have both done very well so far. They love the new friends they are making, and their favorite thing to do after school is come home and tell me what they did nice for somebody else that day. Jess is usually finding someone on the playground who needs a friend, and then goes to them and asks them to play with her. Syd is wonderful at helping her friends clean up their messes, or helping someone pick up something they dropped. Both have made some great friends and love their teachers. So far so good!

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