Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Jess turns 6!

Jess turned 6 on July 11! She is all decked out in a new outfit, purse, barrettes, press-on nails, bracelets, and lip gloss. What a beauty!
The only thing she wanted, and talked about for months before her birthday came, was to go swimming at the Rec Center on her birthday. So, we did! Here are the kids having a great time together!
They enjoyed swimming for a couple hours, then we went home, showered, and headed out to buy Jess some birthday surprises! Jess and Kayman played with some toys while Syd and I picked out some gifts we knew Jess would love. Yes, this is called procrastination. Birthday shopping on the afternoon of your child's birthday with your child at the store with you. I know. But hey, she ended up with a lot more than she otherwise would have, so it was good for her int he end. After buying her gifts, we picked up an ice cream cake at Baskin Robbins on our way to Nana and Papa's house for dinner.
They didn't have a cute pink cake with the mint chocolate ice cream that Jess wanted inside, so she picked out this blue one. She didn't care about that as much as I thought she would. She loves ice cream cake! After singing happy birthday and giving Jess our wishes for her, she got to open her gifts! She got a bunch of fun things, her favorites being this sparkly silver purse,
and a new Barbie!
We celebrated a few days later at Grammy and Grandpa's house with another cake! Lucky girl got 2 birthday cakes!
Jess is such a sweet girl. She still really loves to play with Barbies and watch movies. She plays with friends as much as possible, and loves to play outside. Swimming, jumping, and riding her bike are a few of her favorite activities. She is also a star reader and is reading near a 4th grade level. (she is going into 1st grade) Jess loves to write notes to her friends and draw pictures for them, sell things (lemonade, homemade toys, etc.) on the corner in the summer time, go to the movie and eat lots of popcorn, and play pretend with her brother. Jess is our little princess, we love you sweet girl!

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