Thursday, July 14, 2011

Girls Night Out!

College was an amazing time for me. I had a ton of fun with the wonderful roommates I had. I was lucky enough to get really great friends out of it who I still keep in touch with. Kami lives out of state, and Tanisha and I both live in SLC. When Kami comes to town we like to all go to lunch together. We decided this time to go out and do something a little more exciting. We went out to dinner and then to the Dark Arts Festival. Like I said, something exciting. Very different from what we are used to. And, needless to say, we met some interesting people...

This is a picture of Kami, me, "Vyle", Tanisha, and Sharyl. We kept seeing this crazy looking guy and decided we had to have a picture with him. While Kami and Tanisha were talking to him, I met this beautiful woman Sharyl who jumped into the picture too. Kami, Tanisha and I had a fabulous and interesting night. Gotta love girls night out!

***Sharyl has a very interesting story I could fill an entire post with, but basically she is a model/artist in San Jose, from Orem, UT who has been fighting MS for a few years now and has found amazing ways to deal with it. She did a photo shoot depicting how it feels to have MS. You can paste this link into your browser and see her photos on this if you are interested. It is very moving. I think you have to be logged into facebook, then paste the link. If you can't get it and are interested, let me know. I can send it to you in facebook.

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