Sunday, December 12, 2010

Must Be Santa (clap)

The girls did their Christmas Program at school this week. It was fun to watch them perform with their classes and hear them sing the songs I have been hearing around the house for the last few weeks. They both got to be in the front row, but we didn't get good pictures of that though because I didn't think to take my zoom lense. I keep forgetting that the parents at Providence Hall get to the functions very early. We got there 10 minutes early and the seats were all taken. It was so crowded!
Here are the girls after the program. They were excited to wear their Christmas dresses. I didn't bother buying any this year since they already had some things that will work just fine.
Jessica's favorite song was "Must be Santa" and they taught them to clap after each "must be Santa." Jess still has a hard time saying her r's (they sound like l's) so when she sang "Must be santa (clap) Must be santa (clap) Must be santa, santa clause." It sounded like she was saying "Must be Santa (crap)" and Andy had fun with that one. He kept asking her why she was saying "crap." She didn't see the humor, but the rest of us thought it was funny.
Jessica's teacher Mrs. Sheffield is incredible. She has helped Jess so much and got her very excited about learning.
Miss Rodgers is Syd's teacher and she is so great with her. Syd is a bit of a talker and her teacher handles it very well. Syd is learning a ton and loves school.
Syd and her new "boyfriend" Conner. Nevermind the fact that she is about 4 inches taller than him, and everyone else in her class...
Jess in her classroom working on a card for her friend.
They are excited about Christmas and the new songs they have learned this year at school.

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