Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Andy and I got to go on another vacation the first week of February. Alphagraphics made Gold Circle again this year and that means we got to attend the "Meetings" in Naples, Florida. My mom came and stayed at our house with the kids and carted them around to school and dance. She did a great job with them and they all seem to have had a great time. Everyone survived!

Andy and I got on a plane early Wednesday morning with his parents to head for a few days of paradise. We stayed at the Ritz Carlton! It was so beautiful. The room was gorgeous and had an ocean view. The food was wonderful. The service was amazing...the most friendly people I have ever met!
Our first full day there Andy and I went out to the beach and one of the workers out there got our chairs all set up with towells, made sure they were facing the direction we wanted them to face, and asked if he could get us anything else. I wasn't too sure how to react to such service! We lived it up!
Beautiful sunset!
The second night's dinner was at a restaurant that has lots of different animals. The owner brings one or two out per night, and we got the giraffe. He let us feed him! I have never been so close to a giraffe, and it was so cool! He ate about 50 pounds of carrots while we were there.
He wasn't shy!
We also got to pet an alligator. That was pretty amazing. This one is about 2 years old and is much softer than you would think. It's mouth was clamped shut, so I felt better about touching him.

We really enjoyed our time with each other and with Andy's parents. We did a lot of shopping since the weather wasn't too nice except for the first day. We also spent a lot of time mingling with other Alphagraphics owners. Andy really did have meetings in the mornings, and he even presented at one of them. He did a great job of introducing how to implement QR codes. If you don't know what they are, you can go to this link and find out.

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  1. Super exciting! Vacations, even with work, are much needed times away.


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