Thursday, October 8, 2009

Leaf collecting

We took advantage of the beautiful weather just in time for the snow to come. The night before the big storm blew in last week we drove up to Brighton to get some leaves for the kids. They didn't mind the cold too much and had a blast running around the mountain collecting things. The girls got a lot of leaves, and Kayman got a few sticks and rocks. There were lots of rocks to climb on and they loved that!
On our way back down the mountain we saw this big tractor. The kids couldn't help themselves and started climbing all over it. Kayman found himself a nice seat right in the tire.


  1. The kids are getting so big! Dallin would probably come up to Kayman's waist. It looks like you guys are enjoying the fall. We are just starting to get fall weather

    If we come to Utah for Christmas we will definitely have to get together.

    To answer your question, I edit court depositions. I have done it since before I had Elizabeth.

    Take care. We miss you guys!

  2. ooo I love fall time! we don't get up the canyon enough and they are right there! how pretty :)

  3. What a fun time of year. I personally cannot stand anything below 75 degrees. Looking at Syd made me get chills seeing her in a skirt! They really must not be bothered by the cold. :)


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