Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Marathon Hair

My friend is a nut and runs marathons. All the time. And she has very long hair, so that can cause problems when running for 4 hours. She has tried everything from ponytails, to braids, to buns, and nothing holds up throughout the entire run. So she came to me to see what I could do for her because she knows I love to fix long beautiful hair, and I have a few tricks up my sleeve for securing it the way she needed. She came over the morning before the race, and this is what I did for her...

Her hair is halfway down her back, and we got it all secured up like this. She slept on it, woke up and raced with it, and it looked just as beautiful when she was finished. Yay! So, if you happen to be running a marathon and need my hair services, come on over!


  1. I really did look that nice afterward!! I was kind of sad to undo it all. I got SO many compliments and sometimes when I would leap frog people in the race they'd say "here comes the braid!" You shouldn't feel like you're ready for prom at the start line :) BUT, I loved it. You may just have to be on call permanently!

  2. That is AWESOME!!! I love it.

  3. Kari says~holy smokes you rock at doing hair! That is awesome!

  4. Holy crap I love the hair you need to give classes on how you did that!!! Way awesome Halloween costumes btw too.


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