Thursday, March 18, 2010

Working mom

I am very lucky to have a job where I can work from home. I usually put in my hours after the kids go to bed (my most important job), but sometimes I have to get some things done during business hours.
I made a phone call to Quickbooks to get some questions answered and the kids were fine eating their cereal at the table. By the time I actually got talking to somebody on the phone the kids were done eating and were playing with each other. Still happy, so I didn't pay attention. I should have...

They got the milk and straws out and started blowing! Just over 1/2 gallon of milk used and once all the bubbles popped, guess where the milk ended up. Yup, on the floor. They had so much fun and we were all laughing so hard (once I got off the phone)! The girls did clean it up the best they could, and they had a fun time teaching Kayman a new skill. The joys of motherhood!

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  1. what inventive children. sometimes you just have to let them make a mess if it keeps them occupied for a while! Looks like fun.


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