Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk

Kayman has been walking for about a month now, and is just starting to get into everything he can reach.  I was in the family room getting some work done when he started crying. (Kayman is crying about 50% of the time, so this didn't get me out of my seat too quickly.)  Syd went to check on him and this is what she found!  He can reach our stash of soy milk and he opened the lid and dug his finger through the seal.  He didn't realize it was going to send milk gushing out at him and he didn't know what to do!  He just stood there crying until I picked him up and cleaned him off.  It was pretty funny.  He just looked at me with that pitiful look you see below.  I am really glad he didn't start walking around and slip or something.  I have since moved the milk.

Kayman also learned how to climb onto the chairs the other day and this is his new favorite activity.  He just looks at me and smiles until I come and help him sit down.  He thinks he is so funny.  I have to admit though, he is pretty dang cute!


  1. Kaymen is such a cutie. How can you ever be mad at him ;)

  2. Kayman is so cute, even when he is sad. What photoshop program do you use? I use Picasa and love it.


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